Saturday morning… September 15

Saturday morning… September 15

There are so many crickets I can’t hear my tinnitus.  Totally. OK. WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

I have about 8 hours to go before I do a sleep shift, here’s the master list…  


Remaining tasks:

  • Breakfast service
  • Clean freezer: *de-comp
  • Mix lime-wash (shitty lime milk made from the garden hydrated lime we have onsite right now.
  • Sort / Catalog all furniture, Move to one room and cover
  • Sort / Catalog other things, items, brick-a-brak, decorations… etc
  • Sort tools, Useful items, build scrap metal pile
  • Hang Plastic over exposed wood to prepare for rain


Bigger list:

  • Set off survey line on each elevation. (drive corner steaks, mason line, line level needed to complete)

  • Build plan table in Hot Room (all lumber onsite: sawhorse brackets still not delivered)

  • Clean porch mess, dig up topsoil where lead dust was spread, encapsulate topsoil for decontamination…

  • Excavate foundation all elevations

  • Create working drawings for each elevation at 3/8 scale.

  • Create detail drawings for all moldings / carved elements

  • Catalog all original external / exterior trim as found.

  • Create lead stripping bench/work area (inside or outside?)

  • Create work orders for each batch of stripping, and assembly / parts list for re-assembly

  • Create assembly / working drawings for dismantled/missing trim elements.


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