November 4: Sunday

November 4: Sunday


Big day!  spent most of the morning stacking up laundry for 10 days.  The last night on the air bed; i woke up freezing with my neck buried against the wall, and a giant bubble protruding from the bed where it had been compromised by the heat from the little radiator.  

While the laundry was on I went to walmart to look for airbeds to replace.

I noticed they had portable foam mattresses and frames at the cost of two airbeds.  The whole thing was 50 bucks cheaper online so i went back to the hotel and processed the order online.  Big score!  Picking it up was some hassle, they had to call a manager, there was a lot of bad noise and hurrying hither and thither, and then they handed me a cart and I was off with a solution to the bedding issue.  We still have one good cheapo air bed that’s good for an overnight, and the other could be patched or I might convert the motor and use it for the sanding table…

It’s good practice to use the whole buffalo when you can.

Later, after getting everything set up, I sat down to invoice Frank & Teresa to recoup the purchase..  I had forwarded the bill from the store but it was a busy morning, and I had a full stack already with cleaning.  (masonry work means more dust.  more bodies through the house means more dust, and DNA!!!)

This whole text ordeal with Frank, still has me feeling very un-human.  I’m not sure why this is even a dispute.  I’m here as a guest.  The housing requirements are bare minimum but it does have to be livable.  We’re working thru making it livable for winter, with a lot of dusty, toxic trades going down on the front half of the house.  The whole thing has to be managed to maintain the living quarters in the back, and avoid extra work to decontaminate the crud that has a way of migrating into everything.

They have, done many things to accommodate, but when I have to produce things; and respond to things on MY living timescale here, it involves purchasing new, sterile, housing items that aren’t leftover or used by other humans.  I would have had all this ready before any guest arrived.  The contract assumes this, after our discussions, leading up to me taking the deposit and working in good faith to produce the tour and arrive here with gear as promised.

No servant should have to endure this sort of treatment.


Really upsetting dispute with Frank tonight.  We have yet to address all reimbursements, related to producing housing.  I’ve been keeping receipts and requesting an assessment, since arriving and this request has yet to be honored.  They instead use language that calls into question my: 1. station in life, 2. abuse, and mental disability. 3. promises of “making me whole” when the job is complete. 4. threatening termination.


I’m in residence here practicing as construction manager, historic preservation consultant, engineer, rigger, labor for all specialty roles, sheet metal, roofing, specialty framing, masonry, architectural services, conservation services, building forensics, training, where do i stop???



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