Memory Lane: my first survey for Jeff/Diane Watts-Roy

Memory Lane: my first survey for Jeff/Diane Watts-Roy

The falsely condemned roof.

I sometimes get to see a really ugly side of people in my line of work. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but there was no way out of the lie spun by the contractor who met this homeowner before they contacted me.
The homeowner was concerned about some leaks on their slate roof and contacted a local contractor who claims to specialize in slate roofing.  The estimator supposedly climbed on the roof and examined the slate.  When they returned they told the homeowner that the slate was so fragile it couldn’t be touched without crumbling.  He proceeded to write a proposal to rip off the original roof and replace it with synthetic slate.  The contractor’s claim was 100% false.  The slate on this roof is a rare and durable type quarried from the Peach Bottom region on the Pennsylvania/ Maryland border.  Some installations of this type of roofing slate are still functional after 180 years.  This roof is a little over a century old.  The stone is still very hard and dense.  In fact this particular stone is so valuable that is sells for about $4 per slate on the salvage market.  The reason for the leaks was not the slate at all, but the metal flashings and box gutters.  These are easily replaced and we have been commissioned to complete the work in stages over the next couple of years so they can control the cost of the project.  The price tag on the repair work is a fraction of what a new roof would cost, and their roof with the new metal work should last another lifetime.

A portion of completed box gutters and flashing.

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