Live-in Program

Live-in Program installations are completed using the live-in program.  In classical times: builders during their careers were referred to as “journeymen” because they would live on-site during the build, and often were completely nomadic.  for long-term projects, this can be a frugal approach in the modern era as well..  Much overhead is saved by avoiding the daily commutes with trucks/tools/ to your site of a local roofing contractor.  Cost is also eliminated in overhead: I have no employees, warehouses, or overhead unlike most large-scale roofing operations.
To learn more, contact Kurits today for private references and availability: 502.767.9721
A live-in project completed: 2016, Fayetteville, AK. 75 squares slate, 20 squares copper roofing.
Live-in Job for DIYer Sarah Polzin, National Parks Service: Hagerstown, MD 2015
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