Chapter 1:4 Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 1:4 Thomas Jefferson

Chapter 1:3 Colonial adaptions <

Thomas Jefferson really requires a whole section.  I’ve surveyed monticello twice, and read his original sources on the multiple roofing failures he commissioned.

Anyone familiar with his diaries will have encountered his musings on roofing.  He experiments with many attempts hiring colonial labor to create waterproof parapet gutters, and troughs.  These assemblies fail repeatedly.  He had created a european-styled architecture complete with deep roof gutters, and expected craftspeople with only folk knowledge of pitched roofing to apply the same technology to his bold design.  It is a blunder experienced by the entire country in that time frame, as romantic revival architecture catches on, and more complicated rooflines are in demand, the industry responds with what it knows here in the states, which is soldered single-lock plates applied to any detail that can’t be resolved with the only know seam, which is the hip/valley fold.  These are the design parameters we use today when applying new “historic” roofing to most of these  structures.

Metal Roofing Bible

Chapter 1:5 American Terneplate Early Industrial Era

Hello! Thanks for joining us.

Folded metal roofs are a joy to create.  The panels are light, and do not require a lot of strength to install.  When the apprentice is trained properly to create patterns, they are simple and worry-free to join together on the roof.   I would like everyone who can, to experience the joy and satisfaction of creating a permanent metal roof.  

To sucesfully fold a metal roof intersections, you must first learn how to create patterns and cut the pans before seaming.  

  • For everyone: The resource library will contain free downloads with all patterns needed for permanent metal roofing.
  • For contractors: Lessons, and certification are available, you may book private lessons, or submit request/work samples for certification.
  • For homeowners: we are always available for private lessons, certification of your own contractor, inspection of work, consulting, and installation of permanent metal roofing, slate, and tile.  Apply now to become the owner of a permanent roof.

The Metal Roofing Bible is an open source project intended to be the ultimate guide for building successful, permanent metal roofs.  I’m the author, Kurtis Hord. I travel the country to inspect old roofs, teach, and build permanent roofs myself. Check the blog for updates on chapters and content.  You can find daily project photos, copper roofing, and metal roofing inspiration from my projects at: kwhord – Instagram