Friday Nov 30

Friday Nov 30

In 2015 I was Living in Rhode Island, working for Casa Buena, and studying seaming at night. I got two phone calls that changed my life. The first was from North American Contractors, seeking my work on the First Church of Christ, Scientist skylight in Louisville. The second was Sarah Polzin, of the Park Service. She had been watching my seaming work develop online and asked me to come live with her, and try out the euro method on her porch which was in desperate need of a roof anyway.

In the 3 years I have given up an address, and made myself available to those who wish to transport me to get what they see online… I have encountered only two clients who did what they said they would do, and a lot more who are interested in something more sinister but that our language best describes as labor trafficking.

I have called on Sarah Polzin, and Andrew marks because they are the only people i have encountered and worked for in this journey who were fair, supplied housing and provisional labor as needed, and followed my spec, as contracted.

Every situation outside of those two has involved abuse, coercion, diminishing or devaluing of the work, or gross negligence in providing concessions as contracted.

I say this not to be a victim, it is realizing you have been taken from. I’m seeking legal counsel in the form of labor attorneys to help with my most recent event in Chattanooga.

I’m thankful today for their patronage, Andrew and Sarah because it showed me that the model is possible, however assuming the other parties will be as honorable as either of you is where I have run afoul.

I’m considering seeking disability even though I am highly functional and would much prefer working. It’s been made very clear by this experience I truly am not able to do my work and protect myself at the same time. I don’t have the emotional toolkit . Further I’ve had zero protection that other professionals who work on this model tend to benefit from (respect and rule of law from all parties) Many have asked me to give up my home and work for them at the expense of a future, dignity, or humanity for myself. The tradeoff is simply too much.



Contacted police to make a report of the event on Nov 21 involving teresa shaheen…




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