Dec 3: Applying at temp agency in Butler, Pa

Dec 3: Applying at temp agency in Butler, Pa

I’m going to need income while I’m preparing these defenses, the folks at the Crisis Shelter of Lawrence county have been so great and they are getting me connected to resources for housing, medical, and other help.

I stayed with Tara, a friend I made before I left the shelter in September for Teresa and Frank Shaheen.  She lived down the street from the Temp Agency so I stayed with her last night, and she got me there at 7am.

We had a nice night, catching up.  She’s disabled, and has a sone who is turning 3 this week.  She’s also up for an inspection for child services so we got her new apartment ready for all that, and I helped her hang some curtains so the place finally looks like a home.  The kitchen cabinets are too tall for her to reach so on my next visit we’re going to write the landlord for permission to locate them on another wall in the kitchen, lower where her and her son can reach everything.

So grateful for the folks I’ve met along the way who want me around, and treat me with dignity.  What a sharp contrast from Teresa.  The meek and humble truly, shall inherit the earth.

Last night, I took a big nature walk and took photos of the sky and trees and stuff..

And I observed this fascinating turn-of-the century building with a whole bay cantilevered over a river wall…



Main St at sunset:


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