August 8, spending time to build spreadsheets and defending myself instead of building.

August 8, spending time to build spreadsheets and defending myself instead of building.



Stephen said i was a phycho for requiring clean, livable quarters while working.  I prayed to legba last night and asked them to bring the worst kind of plague and sadness into his life, maybe if he is homeless like me his value judgements will change.  he also attempted to say i had no claim to health because i smoke.  this is wicked and weird treatment from a landowner so i’m now wondering what the point is of caring or doing any of this.  I was transported to youngstown on his request, to asses what was needed on his house, and enact said plan.  i’ve done just what i said, in spite of him not providing what was required in the form of housing.  if suitable housing is not available, a reasonable airbnb must be sourced.  he is trying to argue somehow that my standards are too high…  but look at this bathroom:  

the sink area, i cleaned so i would have a sterile surface to work from. it was covered in bear hair and scum.
then i noticed the mold in the corner!!!
product fetish… this is a job for vinegar and baking soda… i swear these people forgot all of their culture. your great grandmother knew this…

Now he says this would have been fine to offer to a guest, or for suitable living….  in what world?  

One of the requirements in my agreement is that homeowner has to provide a certain amount of “sweat equity” to make the job happen, if they do not have the budget and income to pay for helper labor, and in the case of housing, if they can supply a SUITABLE place to live; they can save on per-diem cost.  I was wrong in assuming land owners had the self discipline to read and understand what they are purchasing.  I’m really struggling to understand why steven would assume that it would be OK to provide his filthy bedroom, and this bathroom, in a house that hasn’t been cleaned in at least 13 years.

Now he shared with me that their mom died about 13 years ago…  It’s really sad, and i’ll give him a big hug about it if heaven forbid i ever have to see this demon in person on earth. it seems like an excuse.  he’s actually full of them… and then blamed me for such. what does your dead mom have to do with your duties to care for your assets on the daily.  ?

I have a lot of texts and communication to extract, and I have to check out of here soon.  There is no data onsite.  So once i leave here, i have no protection and i’m not able to stream what i’m doing.  

It’s a good thing i have morals and i’m dedicated to doing the right thing, for the house.  because i would be really motivated to cut corners now….  why should i care…  they don’t have to care, so why should i?  he begged me for knowledge, when i gave it he questions my identity, sanity.  looks like a tactic.  really really gross.

Mostly hoping i will get to watch as he is tortured for eternity.  and i’m doing this work now for spite, and for the next owner, not for this garbage man.  straight white men are fired, in general.  you are not needed, in this world.  full of excuses and bullshit.  un-scientific, unwilling to kill their ego or hold themselves to scrutiny of the lord.  BE GONE.

As a contrast: here is a non-demon, who respects me.



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