The Metal Roofing Bible is an open source project, intended to be the ultimate guide for building successful, permanent metal roofs.  I’m the author, Kurtis Hord. I travel the country to inspect old roofs, teach, and build permanent roofs myself. Check the blog for updates on chapters and content.  You can find daily project photos, copper roofing, and metal roofing inspiration from my projects at: kwhord – Instagram

Kurtis Hord, roofing projects:

First proof-of-concept for live-in solo / equity trading roofing: Andrew Marks, in 2015 flew me to Arkansas to live onsite, for 9 months. I worked alongside Andrew, and his wife Karen while they were framing the interior, learning how to sort slate, and Andrew even became a slate roofer during the process…

I started my seamed roofing journey in 2013.  It led me to meet Andrew Sanchez, and the folks at Casa Buena Builders, in providence Rhode Island, when Andrew contacted me looking for information on folding a valley top, on the Slate Roofing Bible, forum..

Before seamed roofing: I founded and operated Patina Slate & Copper, in Louisville, KY.


Metal Roofing Bible

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