a running discovery list

a running discovery list

https://youtu.be/VbJSxAj6fEk?t=4297   /frank and teresa arrive onsite meeting 1

https://youtu.be/VbJSxAj6fEk?t=6468    /sept 21 dispute

— oct

https://youtu.be/8F2Uv0IofgQ?t=5132   /oct 22 dispute

https://youtu.be/LbHHlNdFr30   /oct 23 return to site

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=2606   /learning teresa is onsite after avoiding me – harassment from brandon norton, casey, whitenessed by teresa

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=2985  – teresa attacking body cam

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=3883 – “notes”

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=4660  conference with frank after experiencing harassment, abuse

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=14534 – still waiting for resolution

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=15578 – teresa harassment / altercation

https://youtu.be/Bs6owMTE8XY?t=17564  – teresa gaslighting / retaliation

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