You were using it wrong, anyway…

You were using it wrong, anyway…

i’m all for erasing historic status symbols, most of our “historic” building stock are failed copies of better stone buildings in europe. america is the architectural equivalent of 4k rims on a 83 caprice still in primer.

i have plenty of respect for history, as a historian. i recognize the history of hired labor and piecework in the decorative arts and how it was a symbol of power and oppression.

whirligigs existed to show you could hire people to make them. simple enough. cool story old bro… we don’t care.

dismantle them all, and the stupid egos that went with them; and use the materials for something better. sorry, preservationist. we really don’t need mansions we need the bricks and timbers, and sand, and glass in them.

we definitely don’t need wood cornices and whirligigs.

I don’t care who built the house, if they were landowners in that time they are not my people. I would just like to appropriate the building methods and leave the rest in the dust… for the record.

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