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Folks, after a bit of hiatus in publishing I’m happy to announce we’re back with some exciting content.  Over on the trad roofing discussion group on Facebook, we trade photos of trad roofing, and mistakes from american roofing all the time.  this little community has grown from the original “roofing without gooping” discussion group I started over three years ago.  This list has grown there, with the help of the community.   I’m interested in folded roofing because of it’s merits: it is the most sustainable, durable, and least harmful on a human to install.  these merits above all others warrant it’s promotion.  

I’m a roofing architect, historian, and a pattern maker and educator for folded roofing and permanent walls.

It is with this knowledge and expertise I offer the list of certified roofers.  These are individual artisans, companies, and allies in the folded nation.  Some of them are students, or have taken classes from me.  All share a passion and commitment to durability, and truth in craft.  I offer this list to property holders who are looking to select the right kind of contractor, to provide a permanent, durable metal roof.  

We hope to someday interview all of these folks and get their story on how they discovered seamed roofing.  Tradroofing is your number one source to find the best contractor for your permanent roofing project.  this list includes national contractors capable of doing large scale jobs, and solo artisans like myself…


American Tradroofing List

Frank T. Albert: Alberts specialty roofing

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