Many thanks to all the clients, patrons, supporters, and friends.

Many thanks to all the clients, patrons, supporters, and friends.

As I wake this morning I am moved by the response I received yesterday. Thank you to all the friends and patrons who reached out and gave their support. I want to take a moment to brag on Savvy. Back when her and her former spouse were together, I was a friend of theirs, and spent a few months in their household before I moved to Montanna in the fall of 17. Savvy took me in, I was able to operate on my project for Jeff Watts-Roy without living expenses, and get the job done before my ship-out date without taking on a lot of extra cost. I was a friend to her, and D. When they got in a dispute with their landlord, I showed savvy how to write certified letters, and what language to use in order to stick up for their interest.

I was surprised to see how quickly she took to legal correspondence. We all knew she had a great mind, and was a force to be reckoned with on the keyboard, but her response and maturity through the whole situation really impressed me. I was saddened to hear of her troubles with the marriage when I left town.

Now that we are housemates, and she runs my business, I can say without a doubt she is my rock. Savvy, I’m so glad we came together, and I’m thrilled to see what the future brings.

As some of you know, we received a charge to respond to a legal matter to defend my name and integrity with a job I was removed from wrongly in Louisville, years ago. I asked for help from the community in the form of money, to cover the extra time and resources it would take to respond to this. We have received some help! A dear friend, Marea Stamper has donated 1000 dollars and promised to take an extra hands on role in seeing I get the mental health care, and medical attention I have so desperately been needing for years, and my brother, Kyle offered 350. Tonight, I finished prepping the apartment in Louisville where Savvy is, for her last few weeks onsite here. She also got some new toys that were outside of our means before: A printer, notebooks, whiteboard, quickie meals that aren’t junk in the freezer, laundry sorted and folded for two weeks, and funds in the bank for security.

We have several people who have known my work, and my stewardship that have reached out to give their time in the research and timeline building efforts.

With these resources, and the help of some great friends, family, and partners; I can stick up for myself and get what is mine; the rights to finish the job. I’m not looking for revenge, or anything that doesn’t belong to me, just the respect I deserve, and the ability to finish the job I was made for.

We have a great schedule lined up this year… I’m booked in Bardstown, KY in June. Northern Ohio in July, and have several groups joining me in the coming months at my current location at the Johnny Walker house in Dayton, OH.

I will be publishing some great content from that restoration this week! Stay tuned!

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