Hallelujah! First Tesla Solar Roof Installed.

Hallelujah! First Tesla Solar Roof Installed.

First Tesla solar roof customer installation is now up and running – feeding the grid and Powerwall

Ok        @elonmusk      I’m really proud of your effort at sustainability.  I have a few critiques of the Tesla solar roof.

Let’s start with the obvious omission of trad roofing details to make the assembly truly permanent.  The photos don’t show many details up close of the flashing, but we can assume since it’s not visibly folded metal; it is something inferior, in quality, design, and execution.  In a recent blog post, I highlighted the work of Kevin Roselli, who installs permanent folded metal details on asphalt roofs.  When you have trim designed to last the lifespan of the building, even re-roofs or maintenance can be performed on the field of the roof at a reasonable cost, without tearing back into the trim, flashing, transitions, and details that make the cost of roofing so high.  Do it once, and do it right.

As it stands right now, the Tesla roof needs some improvement to make it a truly sustainable product.  I welcome any collaboration.  And Elon, my patterns are online free for anyone to learn the joys of metal roofing.  Even slate and tile roofs require these details, and many roofs will require a permanent roofing method to handle the low pitch areas that slate and tile do not function well on.

I will be posting another response soon with more info on design improvements of the batten system, and the installation method.  The tile itself looks like a great idea, but the assembly of the roof is misguided.


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