And now, you know a little more about me..

And now, you know a little more about me..

hello everyone. before they turn the lights off on Facebook, i thought i would use this tool for good and do a little introduction for folks who may or may not know me closely. spoiler! there is sensitive material included so… hide your kids, hide your wife, etc….

Now this!

i’m kurtis (or brick, if you catch me in lipstick). i’m 34 years old. i have been homeless since 2010. this is changing in June! i’m engaged to: The House of Coven. (i know it might sound strange, being engaged to a house, but that’s how we do it around here). Our home base will be Dallas, TX.

i’m the only published educator on folded metal roofing in the united states, and the only person to re-draw any patterns from the old guild practices, that i’m aware of. i create roofs in copper, steel, slate, and tile that are intended to last the lifespan of the building. i live with my clients, and work on the project by myself to avoid the high overhead associated with operating a “company”. this allows me to provide this high-end roofing to more middle-class homeowners. i do not take a profit. i charge enough to pay tribute to my house, eat, and survive, during the project. i supplement my small income on the jobs with teaching. both online, with my blog, and by booking private lessons.

when i’m not doing all this building stuff, i like to dance, do service work, cook, and take care of my family. when i go on vacation, i pick places like detroit electronic music festival, the womens march, or something productive. you’ll never find me on a cruise. i use corporate travel for protection, and value but i detest conspicuous consumption. we have folks out here still struggling, so walk soft with your internet “flexing”, folks…

i consider myself to be a gender-neutral person. there are things about my anatomy which have always made male arousal very painful. this fact motivated me to tuck and do very restrictive things to limit this pain for a lot of my puberty.

the lasting effects of this, i’ve discovered are a hormone imbalance which is a happy accident. it also effects my sex drive in ways that i would describe as a-typical.

orientation-wise, i gain both physical and emotional pleasure from relationships with men, and women, almost equally.

it’s taken me this long to discover these things about myself in a way that had any impact on my life. but i will say since i’ve discovered these facts, and the impacts of stating them with intent; it has made all the difference.

know yourselves. i’ve heard it said..

thank you for reading, friends.

carry on

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