your building is a battleground.

your building is a battleground.

your building is a battleground. there are awesome women building window sashes in louisville. there are bricks, literally everywhere. lime is in the rocks. burn it and you have binder. ok we’ve covered walls and windows. trees… well, we have a ton of building stock so look for stuff to recycle, if you can’t find it get good timbers. build an attic. don’t live in it. insulate the floor of the attic. put boards on the roof timbers. put slate, tile, and trad roofing metal on the roof. follow this formula: you are holding a property that can legitimately last 500 years. trim, insultate, and clad, this shell as many times as you want with the changing fashions… leave the shell. the shell is good. the shell is time tested. those of you who have good shells… count yourself lucky… those of you who do not. my goal is to make sure you all have a shell. I got the roofs, anyone wanna jump in on the walls and foundation? Hope For Architecture
To my friends. there is no need to spend a dime in the building industry, the tools to build are human, they are as fundamental as gardening. I can show you how to send them all packing. We need two sides: those certified to build permanent shells… and then the creative side… this isn’t brutalism… the great thing about a shell is it can change with the seasons of fashion…. slate siding, metal cladding… whatever you want… same with the interior, it’s a canvass where we can continue to explore design and creativity until our heart’s are content. But we need to separate them, and be completely practical about the shell. It should be dogma: the theory and design and implemination of the shell because it should be scientific. The best performer over history is a 3-wythe load bearing brick, in lime putty construction. Full stop. This is taking all other factors in. Build the shells… Your building is a battleground. If you have a good shell, keep it good. Do not buy from ABC. DO not buy from any manufacturer, because nature supplies everything. Do not support contractors. What nature doesn’t supply, Humans craft. We can build the future now. with our own hands. River City Window Works James Turner Steve Mouzon Elon Musk

bonus round: since you are building in lime putty: the buildings can be dismantled without wasting the masonry units. same goes for metal roofs… major gain on recycling… solar slates can be re”laid” when the PV cuircuts wear out…

we can add technology to manage air flow, grey water, composting toilets, all sorts of cool earthship gizmos and finishes… but for the love of god, let’s give up the stick framing farce, and build significant shells, for every residential structure.

who’s ready to change the game and give people their houses back?  I need architects, builders, and property owners to see the light, and we can all have a brighter future.  build the shell.  maintain the shell.  it’s folk knowledge. it’s time tested.  It is the best performer and therefore should be adopted with regional variances for all shells…  Let builders build, and we can train automation to do most of the shell building.  the hard part.  Leave decorating and creating unique cladding compositions to the human spirit.  please tell me if i’m missing something here?

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