Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

Trad roofing is very excited about the Tesla solar roof. The tile is designed to be installed just as a traditional tile, meaning hand-nailed to a deck… They are also extremly durable meaning even if the PV circuits wear out, you are still protected by a fully functioning and I’ll say good looking “slate”.

The concern I have for the Tesla mission, is that they will make the same mistake that most of the historic industry has made: relying on the specifications of SMACNA (Sheet metal and HVAC association) or CDA (Copper Development Association) Both of these organizations are responsible for publishing standards for sheet metal roofs that are not in keeping with any worldwide standard or best practices.  Unfortunately, they are the most often cited in the market.  I hope Tesla will consider permanent quality for all the metal bits needed to make a slate or tile roof function.

The solar roofs, combined with traditionally seamed flashing, and low pitch areas where the slate or tile will not function would make for a truly permanent and green roof, with the added benefit of generating electricity.

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