Spotlight: Metal Solutions LLC

Spotlight: Metal Solutions LLC

Back in November, I was contacted by Kevin Rosselli, of Metal Solutions, LLC in Andover New Jersey.  He installs a lot of wood shingle roofs and asphalt, but his customers were looking for some extra value.  Folded flashings are re-usable even on roof systems that must be replaced, adding seamed roof flashing pieces to even an asphalt roof can have great rewards.  The details are the most expensive item on a roofing project, and by creating a permanent detail that does not need replacement with each roof, you have eliminated a large portion of the cost of re-roofing.  these durable trim pieces could also be incorporated into a more durable roof covering in the future like solar tiles, or standing seam on the main field of the roof.  Enjoy some of these photos of Kevin’s great work:  and contact us to get lessons and get certified to install trad roofing today!

Looking for durable roofing trim, and permanent roofing in New Jersey?  Call Kevin today at: (862) 266-7494

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