Re-cap: The first week

Re-cap: The first week

Hey everyone.  Thanks for stopping by!  We launched just a short 10 days ago with our first patterns and examples of what you can do with folded roofing.  I have received some great feedback, and we have several students booked for the coming weeks, along with my next location: which will be Bardstown, KY.  

On my current build, Cincinnati was hit with another snow storm this weekend, halting progress on the second chimney.  I’ve been working on more chapters, and having a close friend edit some of the chapters I’ve started to publish.

On the bench this week, we have patterns for a 6:12, intersecting a 7:12, and 6:12 intersecting 20:12 valley.

I’m going to be building the pattern library as orders are needed, that way we only have to ever draw these patterns once, and then the whole world can benefit from having a searchable database.

I’m toying with the idea of live-streaming my workday, we’ve been dabbling with the tech to make this happen without it being too cumbersome.  If anyone has any experience with this, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again everyone for their support, we’re going to show everyone how to build a better roof, and have fun doing it!

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