Our very first metal roof pattern is online! Free Downloads.

Our very first metal roof pattern is online! Free Downloads.


Hello everyone and welcome to Tradroofing.com.

Folks, I feel like a proud mother… It’s been extra fun watching our first euro seaming student learn folded roofing through patterns I send him, and a little bit of guidance on the phone. In January, they contacted me looking to get certification for trad roofing. They wanted to set the company apart in the market, and give their clients something extra special that would truly last 500 years. Here are the results of their efforts, a whole lot of video conferencing, and folding templates I drew specifically for this install. I can help anyone craft a permanent and beautiful roof. 

Today, I’ve uploaded the patterns They used to craft this roof: Lay down hip fold 1.75:12 patterns are used for the pans on either side of the hip, and then here we have the 3-way folds: Deck intersections: 3-way

Downloads will always be free!!!

Thanks everyone for their support so far in 2018!  this is an open source project, we would love contributors and writers to spread the message of trad roofing all over.  Let me know if you’d like to help.  


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