savvy readme

flow-thru for bookings:

three classes of users: admin, public, client

The roles of each type of user and how it will change what they are able to see or do on the booking page..

Public permissions:

  • view contract products (check front inventory) without pricing
  • buy retail items (patterns, merch, etc) anonymously (general web store)
  • see availability of each member’s calendar (open days with current bookings blocked out)
  • request user name

Client permisions:

  • pays deposit, gets user name
  • view all contract products with pricing, and purchase as needed 
  • buy retail items
  • see availability of the calendar, and show their purchases/reservations

Admin permissions / responsibilities:

inbox for retainer request/schedule request/username request

  • validate client user name/account request> push thru notification
  • package contract products and set prices
  • edit calendar
  • validate client purchases when they schedule contract items > push thru notification
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